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Steeped in history and art, Goodwood Road has a lot to offer. From a range of specialised and boutique shops to hosting events including the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival, Goodwood Road is the place to be.

Goodwood Road

The team was tasked with rebranding Goodwood Road. This included logo design and supporting elements such as colour palette and fonts. The project involved transforming the brand into a modern sophisticated direction whilst still maintaining the fun and vibrancy that is Goodwood Road.

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The winding shapes of the logo reflect the winding path one might take down Goodwood Road and the intersecting lines portray the connections one makes with the people and business on and around Goodwood Road. The green colour represents the greenery found along the road as well as Goodwood Road’s commitment to the environment.

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New branding has been applied to roadside banners bringing vibrancy into Goodwood Road. Additionally, every August Goodwood road celebrates SALA - The South Australian Living Artists festival. The new Goodwood Road branding has been applied to promotional items for the festival including roadside banners and flyers.

Creative pod also maintains and updates the Goodwood Road website. New branding has been applied to the website and electronic marketing assets, which has included use of the various logos and new branding colour.

Collaboration to build the new Goodwood identity with the Goodwood Traders Association and Helen from Creative Communications has been a rewarding project with a successful and exciting new brand as the outcome.



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